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Acrylic Floating Frames

Orange 1/2 Face - 1" 1/2 Depth and a Platform on light gray and Dark Ebony 
Introducing the first Acrylic Floating Frame, with unmatched quality of materials and meticulous attention to detail. Through these unique pieces framing reaches new heights, in both the contemporary and modern world of the craft.
These frames are constructed with a very tough clear polymer, paired with a greater density than regular Acrylic. Every custom frame is machined to its particular specifications, immerse yourself in a sophisticated framing experience crafted to anticipate your every wish. 
Take the pleasure in create your own designs. There is no limits in color and if you decide precious metals are going to make it more interesting, go ahead, what ever tickles your fancy.
We offer a variety of gilded surfaces, with any gold or silver, even diverse metals like copper along with others more rare like palladium can be applied  to any side of the frame including the platform. 
Please share with us your vision and we will be happy to work with you in materializing it.
Transparent glossy with a 12k Gilded Corner 
1" Face - 1"1/2 Depth and a platform Stained Dark Ebony 
Steps to Design your Custom Acrylic Floating Frame
1. Selecting the face thickness of your frame. There is a standard selection of thickness starting from 1/2in (13mm), continuing to 3/4in (19mm).
2. Selecting the platform thickness.  All platforms are a standard 3in (76mm) width.
There are two different thicknesses; 1/2in (13mm) and 3/4in (19mm).   
3. Selecting the inside depth.
The inside depth will determine the distance in between the platform surface and the face surface you can design you custom frame with up to 5in (127mm) depth and up to a 115in (2921mm) in length
4. Color & Gilding. 
After you chose the components and design the structure of your ideal frame, then you are ready to choose from a rainbow of colors as well as a variety of guilds for the face of your frame. Completely clean and transparent is of-course an option. The inside of the frame, along with the platform can be completely customize to your specifications. There are an array of wood types you can choose from, such as: Poplar, Maple, Pine, Cherry, Oak, and Walnut, among others; although the standard option is Poplar.


Note: When it comes to select the color of any of our products feel free to use any color chart from any of the most important brands of paint. We will mix the color formulas  accordingly to match any sample, even from a matboard. Just send the code and name or physical sample and we will do the rest.

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