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Yes We did it!

ADK-260 measuring 6' feet in height. 

Introducing our new VECTOR line, yes you guessed it, UV Germicidal Units!

During these difficult times everyone is reinventing themselves and finding new ways to move forward. VECTOR is no exception but we also wanted to find an effective way to help our community fight back. So this is what we came up with, our new line of UV Germicidal products that will decimate the Corona virus. 


Our first VECTOR Germicidal Unit is the DAK-260 UV Lamp that is available in two formats medium and large. A lamp that offers safety features such as remote start sanitization and human detection. Having one of these lamps not only protects you and those you care about but for businesses also conveys to your clients that you care about their health and wellbeing!

Ultraviolet light is highly effective at eliminating microorganisms and pathogens. Germs, bacteria, mold and of course viruses will succumb to the power of UVC light. This powerful light is just as lethal to the Coronavirus. Effectively annihilating it from a disinfected space, removing contaminates from the air and expunge them from exposed surfaces.

These lamps destroy microorganisms and pathogens by braking down the molecular bonds that hold together their DNA. The high energy short wavelength power of UVC rays eradicate germs, bacteria, viruses, and even “superbugs” that have developed resistance to other traditional germicides. 

Our lamps though very powerful have been designed with high level safety in mind. They boast 360° human and animal detection sensors as well as a 150ft distance sterilization activation remote. The lamps will swiftly sanitize and disinfect and area of 800 square feet in just 30 minutes. Proud of our products we sought to build a safe, reliable, and efficient unit with the best electronics, sturdy yet pleasant design and intense disinfection.

Disinfection can be done in any unoccupied area:

-Public Buildings   





-Apartment Buildings 




-Public Transportation 


DAK-260 desinfecting the entrace of an old builing in port chester NY.

A demo shows the lamps blasting blinding white light through an empty subway car in extremely short and repeated bursts.

The New York City Transit is also using the same technology to disinfect the transit system. MTA Chairman and CEO Pat Foye said, "UV is a proven and effective technology and is 100% safe to humans after it is applied.” He has also stated that, "Dr. Brenner has shown that the use of UV light in a laboratory setting has eradicated the COVID-19 virus.” Dr. David Brenner at Columbia University Irving Medical Center mentioned that, "It has been known for 100 years that UV light is incredibly efficient in killing bacteria," He went on to say that, “the UV light that's going to be used in the overnight subway cleaning is very efficient at killing the virus responsible for COVID-19.”

The power of UV light as a germicidal has been used in laboratories and hospitals, particularly surgery rooms, for years. Now it is becoming increasingly available to consumers and a wide range of industries, that find it ideal to sanitize and disinfect the air and surfaces of an exposed area. Should you wish to know more about the power of UVC we highly recommend, “How Ultraviolet Light Could Help Stop The Spread Of Coronavirus”<>, a 16 minute report from CNBC. For more in depth information on the Coronavirus  PBS Nova has an excellent documentary, “Decoding Covid-19”<>. Both of these investigations were published fairly recently on the 10th and 13th of May 2020, respectively.

Here at VECTOR our hearts go out to those who have suffered a loss during these challenging times; we feel your pain and empathize with your sorrow. Hopefully our lamps will bring a small sense comfort and safety in the future. 

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