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Acrylic Mats
With Vector acrylic mats you have the option of millions of color variation to choose from. In addition, Vector Mats gives you the possibility of choosing multiple colors on a single mat for even more of a custom design.
For instance you may choose three or more distinctive color options to achieve your exclusive Vector Mat look. To make your Vector Mat even more novel, you can create a transition of one color to another, bleeding the hues one into the other, such as a blue to green or red & into a rich cream color.
We use a state of the art bespoke spray paint system. Our paints are all mixed in house to ensure PH & VOC levels are low. The paints are specifically formulated to strict archival standards; in addition we ensure color accuracy using spectrometers.
Vector Mats are available in a variety of sizes up to 60x120in (1524x3048mm) outside dimensions. For custom orders any shape can be designed to match your piece perfectly; please provide us with a sketch & the dimensions you require. Our mats can be cut to have an organic shape, even with sharp corners & turns.
The Mats have a half-rounded bevel with a unique edge. The edges have a more mellow appeal to them, instead of the aggressive sharp edges that standard mat board has. The corners of the bevels edge can range from rounded to angular to compliment the particular piece. The color of the bevel can be any of your choice, differing from that of the mat. Also you can have any type of gilded applied. We offer several gilding options: 18K through to 24K Gold, 12K to 21K Moon Gold, 12K Whit Gold, as well as Copper. Vector Mats have a bevel which revels the light from any angle as the viewer admires the piece.  
Each  Mat has multiple layers of archival paint applied for maximum saturation, along with a top coat of a completely clear transparent acrylic solution. To guarantee the artwork is protected, a standard 1ply white archival Rising Museum board is attached to the back of all Vector Mats. 
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